Mini Magnetic Memo Board, Key Holder, Mail or Cell Phone Rack


4.75” x 4.75” x 1.5”


MC 1 Rustic White Laminate and Aluminum
MC 2 Pale Wood Laminate and Aluminum
MC 3 Oxidized Grey-Brown Laminate and Copper
MC 4 Marbled Anthracite Laminate and Aluminum
MC 8 Oxidized Green Laminate and Aluminum

  • One square magnet included to pin message.
  • Three magnets at the bottom to hold three sets of keys.
  • Each magnet may hold 2 lb in weight.
  • Hangs easily to the wall like a picture frame on two screws or two nails.

Note: Laminates may show colour and texture variations, therefore, each model has its own unique finish.

$35.00 Prix